Noble Gases

Change of Atomic Radius:

The atomic radius noble gases increases in a constant rate, as you go down the group the number of electron shells increases by 1 electron shell.


Location On Period Table:

Noble gases are located in the last group, because the outermost shell of the Noble gases’ elements is full. Basically noble gases is the 8th group in the period table because they have the outermost shell full;  theirs 8 electrons in the outer shell.


The noble gases  are very unreactive elements, because the outer shell is fully configured. For example if scientists wanted to use any of the noble gases to create any kind of bonding, they wouldn’t be able to because the outermost shell is fully configured with the 8 electrons.  Even though the outer shell is full, it’s extremely stable and not expected to form chemical bonds and they have a very low chance of gaining or losing electrons.


Noble gases are mostly used for industrial functions. For example  helium is used to weaken the oxygen divers use to breathe, argon is widely used to supply an inert atmosphere for high-temperature metallurgical processes,  neon and argon are used to fill discharged tubes. Noble gases are also used in everyday life, helium is used to fill up balloons , neon to light up signs and argon is are used in lights bulbs.

Melting and Boiling point:

As you go down group the melting and boiling  point increases and the melting and boiling point of noble gases are very low compared to other elements.The density of noble gases is low ,  gases melt and boil extremely fast because of their element’s physical property.

Chemical symbol Melting point °C Boiling point °C
Helium -272.2 -268.9
Neon -248.7 -246.1
Argon -189.4 -185.9
Krypton -156.6 -152.3
Xenon -111.9 -107
Radon -71 -61.8

Abundance on Earth:

Noble gases are not found easily, Noble gases are found naturally in small quantities in the atmosphere.


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