Other Metals

Atomic Radius

Other metals don’t have a pattern that each outer shell of the elements , because the are located in different area of the periodic table.


Other metals are more reactive than other, because since not all Other metals are located in the same area ,the elements will have different numbers of electrons on the outer electron shell.  The elements of Other metals can bond because none of the elements  have fully configured outer shells.They’re found mostly with non metals or with the elements in the same group and its difficult to separate them.


Other metals are used for general uses, for example:

  • Automobiles
  • Parts of cars, trains, or planes
  • Building materials, such as electronics and toys.
  • Baseball bats
  • Soda cans
  • Fake nails


Other metals are found on the surface of the earth, and they’re used for difference purposes, such as electricity. They are reactive metals that form compounds with most nonmetals. Other metals are soft, silvery metals, with high melting & boiling points.

Location on periodic table

The other metals consist of 7 elements, which are located in group 13, 14 and 15.

Melting and boiling points

Elements Boiling points Melting points
Aluminium 2519 C 660.32 C
Gallium 2204 C 29.76 C
Indium 2072 C 156.6 C
Indium 2602 C 231.93 C
Thallium 1473 C 304 C
Lead 1749 C 327.46 C
Bismuth 1564 C 271.3 C
Ununtrium N/A N/A
Ununquadium N/A N/A
Ununpentium N/A N/A

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